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Freeze Dried Blueberry Blueberry Powder 5 Lb/2.26kg Bag

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We only buy local fresh fresh pick berries and veggies, with excellent quality and pesticide -free free. We value creating products that we are proud in that are both sustainable and tasty.

-Add the powders to icings, to your favorite Dessert Recipes , smoothies.Or Make your Own Fruits flavor Water Drinks.

- Freeze Dried Blueberries are light and crisp, while the flavors have the perfect balance of sweet and tart that only comes from the freshest blueberries. We do not add any sweeteners or Preservatives. Sprinkle on cereal, salads, and desserts, or just add them into smoothies, muffins, and pancakes for an extra burst of goodness. These are incredible.

- 2.26 kg Fresh As Blueberry powder = 22.60 kg fresh Blueberries

-Fresh taste and appearance

-Lasting freshness and longer shelf-life


-Rich in nutrients

-Low in calories

-Easy preparation

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