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  • What levels of Services do you Offer?
    We currently offer the following: Corporate Event/Private Event - Self Service Buffet- Served in disposable aluminum pans and trays, perfect for leftovers and easy clean up. You can either come to our restaurant or have it delivered. - Delivered & Dressed Buffet- We will drop off your buffet, set it up and bring a tablecloth, wire chafing dishes. - Full-Service Buffet- We will bring out tables, table cloths, serving bowls, stainless steel Chafing dishes and serving pieces. Our catering team will set-up and replenish your buffet and keep it tidy during your event. Afterwards, they will clean up everything. Depends on the style of service—Buffet: 1000 guests, Plated Meal: 500 guests, Pass around canapés: 500 guests
  • How to Register for Loyalty Program with Foodies on Board
    Step 1: Visit the Foodies on Board Website To kickstart your journey towards exclusive foodie perks, head over to the Foodies on Board website. Once on the website, click on the "Order Online" button to visit the online ordering webpage. Step 2: Sign Up or Log In If you're already a registered user of Foodies on Board, simply log in using your existing credentials on Online Ordering webpage. If you're new to the platform, don't worry – signing up is a breeze. Provide your basic information, such as your name, email address, and a secure password, to create your account. Step 3: Navigate to the Loyalty Program Section After signing up, navigate to ""My Account," which can be found at the middle top of the page. Once there, locate the "$Loyalty" section to enroll and unlock all the fantastic benefits of the Foodies on Board Loyalty Program! Step 4: Enroll in the Loyalty Program Click on the "Add me to the Loyalty Program now!" button to register for the Loyalty Program. You'll be asked to provide some additional information to complete your enrollment. Make sure to double-check your details to ensure you receive all the program benefits. Step 5: Start Earning Rewards Congratulations! You're now a member of the Foodies on Board Loyalty Program. Here's how you can start enjoying the perks: 1. 3% Cashback on Subscription: As a new member, you'll instantly receive a 3% cashback on your subscription fee. This means you get an immediate discount just for signing up for the program. It's a great way to start saving on your food adventures. 2. Earn 3% for Referrals: The fun doesn't stop there. Spread the word about Foodies on Board to your friends and family. When they sign up for the Loyalty Program using your referral link, you'll earn an additional 3% cashback for each successful referral. Imagine the savings piling up as you introduce more foodies to this amazing platform! 3. Access Exclusive Deals: As a loyal member, you'll gain access to exclusive deals and discounts from food delivery services to catering events. These special offers are tailored to enhance your foodie experiences and help you discover hidden culinary gems. For more inquires call us at 778-682-0388 or email us at
  • How to Order Online?
    The First Way to Order Online is to visit the Home page and find "Online Order" on the Navigation bar. By clicking "Order Now", you can visit our online Webpage where you can choose the items to order. The Second Way to Order Online is to click the "Catering" option under the "Menu" section on the Navigation Bar, and the "Order Online Now", option will pops up at your screen.
  • How to Order Online for Craft Service
    Visit the Website and click Home page and find "Online Order" on the Navigation bar. By clicking "Order Now", you can visit our online Webpage where you can choose the items to order. After visiting our Online Webpage, register to the account by visiting the "Home" page of the online webpage, where you can find the option "Sign In/Register" at the top right corner of the page. After clicking the Sign In/ Register option, a new dialogue box will appear to register. Click "Don't have an account" in order to register for the first time. After clicking "Don't have an account", users will be sent to the different page where they will be asked to fill the information required for Customer Registration. After filling out the information, click "Create Account" in order to create an account with Foodies on Board After Registering to the account, notify foodies on board via email at or text/call us at 778-682-0388, that there is a requirement to order for the Craft Service and the Foodies on Board will allow the permission based menu to your online account that you registered with us.
  • How to Create an Account/Sign up/ Register to the Online Order Webpage
    After visiting our website, at the "Home" page of the website, you can find the option "Sign In/Register" at the top right corner of the page. If you have an account with us, fill out the email and password and click log in. If you do not have an account with us then click Sign In/ Register to create an account with us, hit "Sign In" option under "Don't have an account". You will visit a new page that will ask to fill the information required for Customer Registration. After filling out the information, click "Create Account" and you are all set up to order the food.
  • Is Delivery Available for Catering?
    Yes, we currently offer delivery to the Metro Vancouver area. Delivery charges are based on distance from the restaurant and the size of the order. Delivery may differ for Dinner and Weekends orders. Please call 778-682-0388 for specifics.
  • How to Add Delivery Address to an account?
    After visiting our Order Online Webpage, click "Menu" on the Navigation bar of the Order Online webpage and in the middle of the webpage click "Set address" and add the location for the delivery.
  • How to Change/Update the Delivery Address
    When you are ready to Place an order after choosing the menu items, click "Proceed to checkout button". After clicking "Proceed to checkout", you will arrive to the different page which we ask to create an account or log in with an existing account. Enter your log in credentials, click the box to verify as a human and hit the log in button. After login the account or creating a new account you will arrive to the different page, scrolling down the page you will find an option to "Choose the location" or "+Add new Address option" under the Address Section. In order to Change or Update the address, click "+Add new Address", a dialogue box will pop up to the screen where a new address needs to be added, and after filling up all the information, click "Add address". Lastly, choose the updated location from the dropdown option of "Please choose location" under the Address Section.
  • How to Place an Order Online?
    1. Visit our Order Online Webpage 2. Select the Items that you want to Order 3. On your right side of the screen, a dialogue box will appear showing the items that are added to the cart. 4. Click the button "Proceed to checkout" 5. After Clicking "Proceed to checkout", a new page will appear that will ask the information of the customer. Fill out each and every box to successfully place an order. After Filling out the information, click "Place an Order" option that will appear at the right side of the screen. 6. After placing an order, Foodies On Board will send the invoice to the customer's email where customer can review the list of items ordered for the particular date. If you still find any problem while placing an order online, then send us a quick email to and we will help you with your queries.
  • Do you have minimums for Catering?
    Our Self-Service Catering packages require you order for a minimum of 10 guests. Our Full-Service Catering requires your order for a minimum of 50 guests. However full-service Catering in Burnaby area requires order for minimum of 60 guests.
  • How to Select Date and Time for Delivery
    After placing an order and Login with your account, scroll down to the section of "When" under the Address section Click on "Later" button and a Calendar will pop up for you to select the date and time for the delivery according to your preference. Select the date and time, and click the button.
  • What methods of Payment do you accept
    We can accept Cheque, VISA, Master Card, EFT, American Express(Additional 2% charge for the Fees) and Discover. For your convenience, we are happy to set up with a house charge account, with approved credit card application. All the outstanding invoices must be paid within 14 days of event completion.
  • How to Pay Online for the Order with Credit Card?
    After Proceeding to checkout and login to your account, scroll down to the Payment section where different payment options are available. For making the payment online, there is only one option as "Pay by credit card". Click the option and a new box will appear, and click "Add a credit card". After clicking "Add a credit card", a new dialogue box will appear which will ask to enter the credit card details of the customer. After adding the Credit Card information, you can check the button to save the same card for the future transactions or you can leave it uncheck and hit "Add card" button.
  • How to Pay for the Order with Different Payment options
    We provide different Payment options for the customers according to their preferences. After Proceeding to checkout and login to your account, scroll down to the Payment options, and check the one that works best for you.
  • How to Sign up for the Coupon?
    Click the "Promotion" section on the Navigation Bar and visit the Promotion Page. Under the Promotion Page. Fill out the required form with all the information and hit "Submit Form" button. After Submitting the Form you will receive an email from Foodies on Board where you will receive a coupon for your Next Order!
  • How much notice do you need to book my Catering?
    For Drop-Off/ Pick up Catering, we ask for 24 hours notice. However, please feel free to call us at 778-682-0388 for last minute orders. We'll move heaven and earth to take care of you. For Full-Service Catering, we recommend you book as far in advance as possible, to ensure your date is reserved on our calendar. Feel free to call us for short notice events. If we have an opening, we are more than happy to work with you.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Please call to inform any menu changes 24 hours before deliver. Charges will apply to orders cancelled with less 24 hours notice. The client will be responsible for unrecoverable charges and deposits. For Full-Service Catering, we require 72 hours notice before delivery. Charges will apply to orders cancelled with less 72 hours notice. The client will be responsible for unrecoverable charges and deposits.
  • Can you make Accommodation for Special Diets?
    Absolutely! we offer Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Paleo and Gluten Free options. Additionally, we can customize the order according to the various dietary requirements. *We are not a nut free facility and will not be able to guarantee the products will not come in contact with nuts during preparation. However, we will do our best to avoid cross contamination.
  • Do you offer Rental of Dishes and Linens, and On-Site Staff?
    Certainly! We offer a comprehensive range of services to make your event exceptional and hassle-free. Rentals- We provide high quality dishes, glassware, tablecloth, napkins and more available for rent. On-Site Staff- Our professional and dedicated team is here to ensure that your event runs seamlessly. We offer on-site staff, including Experienced Chefs, Skilled Servers, Attentive Bartender and Event Coordinators. They handle all aspect of your event, from food preparation and services to managing the details, so you can relax and enjoy the occasion.
  • I only need some items catered. Do I have to purchase one of your Buffets?
    Absolutely Not! We offer all our Catering specialties as a La Carte Catering items. Order exactly what you need. Call us at 778-682-0388 for more information.
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