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Exciting News! Enjoy Foodies on Board Items at Second Cup!

Exciting News! You can now enjoy some of your favorite dish from Foodies on Board at different Second Cup locations. The culinary world just got more thrilling as Foodies on Board proudly extends its reach beyond the restaurant walls, making its delectable dishes available at various Second Cup spots.

Indulge in the savory delights crafted by Foodies on Board - artisanal sandwiches, vibrant salad bowls, and flavorful rice bowls that ignite your taste buds with every bite. But that's not all. We're taking your to-go options to the next level with freshly prepared fruit cups, parfait cups, and delectable rolls that make for the perfect quick, satisfying snack.

It's an invitation to savor your beloved dishes from Foodies on Board in new settings while enjoying the familiar ambiance and exceptional offering of Second Cup. This exciting development promises to elevate your dining experience, offering the best of both worlds in taste and convenience.


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